Cactus care

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Cactus care

Postaj by Robi on uto pro 15, 2009 1:23 am

Cacti are same of the most exciting and exotic houseplants. Most of the species of cacti are easy to grow, even for the beginning grower. You will also need to know a few things for your new cactus.

1.POT : First get a pot to plant it in. When you buy the cactus it has been on the pot that it comes in for a long time and will most likely need to be repotted. Select a pot only one number larger than the cactus current pot because one that is to big will cause over watering. Also make sure that there are holes for water to drain out of the pot, because without this the cactus will rot and die.

2.SOIL : Next you will need soil for your cactus. The best kind is cactus soil, made specifically for cacti, which you can find at home improvement centers and gardening stores. If you cannot get cactus soil, then you can make your own with one part potting soil and one part sand. Adding a little gravel to mixture will also aid in drainage.

3.REPOTTING : When repotting your cactus, braeak the old pot if possible and remove the pieces. If root is so long you can cut him. It can cause root damage and you must put it in dry soil. Put same of the fresh cactus soil into the bottom of the pot and place the cactus on top. Then fill in the sides with more soil. The cactus should not be heavily watered or placed in direct sunlight for about one week after repotting. The cactus should only be transferred to another pot when absolutely necessary. The most important thing to remember that cacti have two seasons, the active growing season from April to September, and the dormat season from October to March when they go to hibernation.

4.WATERING : During the active growth season cacti need to be watered more often than during the dormat season. There is no set watering specifications for cact, as it depends on the pot, the soil, the climate and several other factors. The best way to learn how much water your cactus needs and how often is to observe it. Be sure that drainage holes in the pot are not blocked so the water can run out. Do not water the cactus again until the soil is completly dry. The easiest way to check the soil moisture is to carefully stick a pencil or similar object to the bottom of the soil and check for any damp soil cleaning it.
During the dormat season the cacti should be watered only little one time at month or just two time in dormat season.

5.FERTILIZER : At growth season you should fertilize every three weeks. The best time for do it is late afternoon, after sunset or evening. You can use specially fertilizer for cacti with a low nitrogen 5-10-10.

6.LIGHT : Cacti need bright light and inside, southern facing windows are the best. If the cactus not receive enough light artificial light should also be supplemented. On the active growing season most cactus need full sun and if it is possible must be outside.

7.TEMPERATURE : The cactus can tolerate heat up 32-38 degrees celzij during their active growth season. During the dormat season cacti do best temperatures from 7-12 degrees which they would encounter in their natural habitats. Studies have also proven that low temperatures during the dormat season encourage flower growth.

8.PROBLEMS : Over watering is the biggest problem which faces cactus owners, but can be easily avoided with proper care. Over watering can cause root and stem rot. Unfortunately, once a cactus roots or stems start to rot, there is nothing you can do to save it.
Relatively few pests bother cacti but there are a few, such as aphids, red spider mites and mealy bugs. When you buy a cactus, make sure it is free of insects before bringing it at home. It is the best to put your new cactus to carantena for a one week. If your cactus at home have same insects, treat him with any insecticide.
As you now see, growing cacti can be fun easy. Just follow the rules and especially remember: DO NOT OVER WATER.

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Re: Cactus care

Postaj by Azra on sri pro 16, 2009 6:33 pm

Great information Robi. Keep going. Everybody is invited to help us in english corner for all users who want's to know something, but don't understand the language.

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